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QuickBooks Payroll Assisted

$109.00 $87.20

Just the right amount of help with your payroll.

Pay your employees and avoid costly tax mistakes with an Intuit Payroll option that’s right for you. With the ability to manage your payroll within QuickBooks, you can consolidate your financial management into one platform, allowing for increased productivity. Get setup and running payroll with the help and support of Allareo Data Services and Intuit today.


Product Highlights

Assisted Payroll is similar to Full Service Payroll. All tax payments and filings are completed by Intuit. Where Assisted Payroll diverges from Full Service Payroll include the following:

  • Assisted is done within your QuickBooks file as opposed to being processed externally by Intuit
  • Job costing is only available within Assisted
  • Assisted is not available for QuickBooks Online (Desktop Versions Only)
  • Pay Employee in QuickBooks
  • Just enter hours and QuickBooks instantly creates paychecks or completes direct deposit
  • We complete payroll taxes and filings for you
  • We handle your payroll tax payments and forms for you, guaranteed accurate and on-time
  • Utilize instant paychecks or use free direct deposit
  • No tax penalties guaranteed
  • Costs less than outsourcing
  • Seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks

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