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QuickBooks Data Recovery

Data Recovery Services


QuickBooks data recovery for your business


Allareo understands there is nothing worse than losing data crucial to understanding your financial picture. We do have many QuickBooks data recovery options to recover damaged or lost data. We will utilize every tool at our disposal: data recovery software – like QuickBooks File Doctor; and our collective Intuit QuickBooks data expertise gathered over decades of time in Intuit QuickBooks support. We will have it running better than ever before; mutually assure financial reporting is accurate, and not constantly out of balance.

Our data recovery team addresses these and other QuickBooks Support related issues:


  • Error messages, “This is not a QuickBooks data file”
  • Corrupt or damaged QuickBooks data files
  • QuickBooks files that crash or freeze
  • Intuit QuickBooks run-time errors
  • QuickBooks Desktop being unable to do a QuickBooks backup restore
  • Situations within, and outside of, the scope of QuickBooks File Doctor
  • Premature QuickBooks rebuild data utility stops and errors
  • QuickBooks Balance Sheet Out of Balance issues not resolved by the QuickBooks rebuild data utility

Let’s go down the road of QuickBooks data recovery, together


If you find yourself in any of these, or other unlisted scenarios, let one of our team members know. Our collective experience provides macro and micro perspectives to the QuickBooks data recovery process. When our data recovery services or data recovery software are engaged, we go far and wide at your overall networking layout. When necessary, we get close and narrow to workflows in the very file itself. Let’s get on the right path to resolution, together!

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