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QuickBooks File Setup

Starting QuickBooks off on the right foot.

The success of your entire QuickBooks infrastructure is founded on building a solid company file. Initial file set-up in QuickBooks should be thorough, accurate, organized, and comprehensive to allow for optimal use of QuickBooks in the long-run.

QuickBooks file set-up requires gathering essential business and accounting information about your company, to ensure the file set-up process is seamless. Our team can help ensure a smooth set-up process by evaluating your business right out of the gate, and developing a custom plan for implementation.

Our approach to QuickBooks file set-up is to begin and end with intention — taking every aspect of your business into consideration, and completing a premeditated strategy that is thoroughly thought out.

How we can help.

  • Creating a custom QuickBooks workflow and infrastructure strategy for your business, before beginning the set-up process
  • QuickBooks configuration on your local network or a secure cloud hosted environment, and individual user set-up/access
  • Implementation set-up based on the custom strategy our team creates, specific to your business model and needs
  • Complete a data cleanse of any existing data that needs to be pulled over from your existing accounting platform
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