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Customer Relationship Management

Automating CRM within your overall accounting and bookkeeping infrastructure


Implementing CRM automation improves overall efficiency in managing moving customer data and information. Making it work seamlessly and effectively can be challenging. We understand the concern around proper implementation and deployment. We have the collective experience handling file data and reporting integrity in accounting software. We will demonstrate to you; and train you in what CRM automation can do for your own accounting software and business infrastructure. We’ll demonstrate how it will help overall business analytics, when proper deployment takes place. You’ll see how you can make better sense of sales and marketing data in software – like QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online.

How we deliver CRM automation with you, and for you


We’ll demonstrate and train you in automated solutions – taking advantage of these, and other, features:

  • CRM automation linking with not just your accounting software infrastructure – like QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online, but other business critical applications: Outlook, Sharepoint; your time tracking solutions, and others
  • Take and sync information gathered in the field
  • Conversion of receivable and payable transactions into QuickBooks transactions – like invoices, quotes, and others

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