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Automate Time Tracking

Automated time tracking intuitive for you and your business.


We here at Allareo have been taking advantage of automated time tracking every single day. We use it to track not only our hourly employees, but our salaried employees as well. It greatly eases job costing, reporting, scheduling and so much more. We’ve been able to save time and money, thanks to automatic synchronization with QuickBooks Enterprise. Don’t have QuickBooks Enterprise? We assist you in automating time tracking through other versions, like QuickBooks Desktop Pro, QuickBooks Premier or QuickBooks Online.

How we help take advantage of automated time tracking


We’ll collaborate to arrive at a well-integrated means to automate time tracking – based on these factors in your existing software and file (or file to be), and others:

  • Number of employees present in the company, and number of employees present in your file (salaried, hourly, or both)
  • Project and job locale, and time spent there
  • How time is currently entered and tracked for employees
  • How is time approved currently vs a desired way to approve time
  • Are any of the jobs or projects done needing to be billable/invoiced to a customer for a later date
  • The level of reporting detail needed when analyzing project or job cost/profitability

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