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QuickBooks Desktop to Online

Taking your business to the cloud.

Moving your business into the cloud, while exciting, can be daunting. The unfamiliarity that comes with cloud-based solutions makes the transition from traditional software feel uncertain and unknown. Once the migration has been completed, your accounting becomes more streamlined and accessible. The challenge is in accurately and efficiently moving your data from QuickBooks Desktop to Online.

Our team has extensive experience in QuickBooks migrations, specifically helping clients migrate their data from Desktop to Online. Whether you’re ready to make the leap to QuickBooks Online, or you’re still learning how it all works, we’re here for you.

How we can help.

  • Evaluate your existing platform, and check the file requirements prior to migrating your data
  • Prepare your data within QuickBooks Desktop for export by updating your data, completing outstanding tasks, and backing up your data
  • Setup and create your QuickBooks Online account to align with your business needs
  • Effectively export your data from QuickBooks Desktop, and import your data into QuickBooks Online to align with your QuickBooks Online company profile

What you should know.

  • QuickBooks Online includes a processing method that is performed both Online and locally, using your device processor and memory — meaning there isn’t a file limit size in QuickBooks Online
  • There are no limits to lists, accounts, customers, or items/inventory, and – as a result — large lists will not end up causing performance issues
  • QuickBooks Online does not limit the number of transactions for your business
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