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Time Tracking

Time tracking for your business

Time tracking is common to many accounting software infrastructures. They provide the bare essentials to keep track of employee hours. But, as a company grows, the management of these entries can get tedious – creating a margin for error. If tracking five to ten employees, things are manageable. Imagine if you have manage the time for 30+ employees: what more if a mix of those are on-site and off-site employees. Particularly, for those who work off-site and they work in different locations. QuickBooks Desktop, and QuickBooks Online, has maneuvers to manage those variables, but that can take plenty of manual labor and time.

Automated time tracking features you’ll make use of

Our collective expertise and experience with various business software infrastructures, file and reporting data integrity enables us to demonstrate and train you in making use of these – and other automated time tracking features:

  • Cloud-based synchronization with accounting software – like QuickBooks Desktop, or QuickBooks Online to import and export time data for better job costing, project management, etc.
  • Location tracking for offsite employees
  • Cloud-based timesheet approval
  • Setting custom time thresholds for employees, and obtain alerts when they’re about to be hit

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