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Project Accounting Services

Elevate your accounting infrastructure.

When you’re as close to your business as you are, sometimes it’s tough to identify and implement strategies to improve efficiency. Having an outside perspective of an expert, can help inform solutions that may be out-of-the-box but also more effective.

Whether your team needs help with data review, tax prep, financial reporting, or set-up — our team is here to help. We’ll come alongside you from the beginning — learning about your needs, and helping identify the specific projects to meet your needs, to taking the project from start to finish.

Data Review Services

Gain peace of mind knowing that your financial data is accurate, complete, and clean. Our comprehensive data file review services use processes of analysis to identify discrepancies, and precedent to correct and optimize your file.

Items included in our review:

  • Chart of Accounts
  • Income and Expense Classifications
  • Duplicate Items
  • Unused Item and Vendor Names
  • Class Tracking
  • Preferences and Security
  • Account Balances
  • Working Trial Balance
  • List Changes – added, deleted, merged or edited elements in:
    • Chart of Accounts
    • Item Lists
    • Fixed Asset Items
    • Payroll Items
    • Customer List
    • Vendor List
  • Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and Aging Detail Reports
  • 1099 Account Mappings
  • Inventory Quantity/Values On Hand
  • Payroll Set-up, Payments, Liabilities
  • Employee Default Settings
  • Payroll & Sales Taxes
  • Discrepancies in Bank Reconciliations
  • Missing Checks

Tax Prep Services

Painlessly transition into tax season.

Preparing your books to hand-off to your CPA can be messy and time consuming. Clean, accurate, up-to-date books are ideal to have ready for tax season when the time comes. Our team specializes in getting your books dialed in, with a comprehensive review, clean-up, and making adjustments as-needed.

How we can help.

  • Verify accounts have been reconciled and are showing the correct balances
  • Record all outstanding transactions in your QuickBooks
  • Make sure your A/P and A/R are up to date
  • Review your expenses and make sure they are categorized correctly
  • Double check the current mileage reimbursement rate in your QuickBooks
  • Verify all employee information is current and accurate
  • Assist with your 1099 reporting for all independent contractors you have paid

Financial Reporting Services

Gain visibility into the financial health of your business.

Financial reporting helps provide the insights necessary to make the best business decisions possible. QuickBooks makes it possible to run reports on your existing data, which are fully customizable — based on your specific business needs.

Our team brings comprehensive experience in QuickBooks, that allows us to help clients create, customize, and run financial reports that will inform decision making. We’ll provide the tools, insight, and experience to make sure you’re getting the right financial information to the right people and for the right purpose.

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