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Multi-Channel E-Commerce

Connecting multiple e-commerce sales channels into one spot


Managing e-commerce information can overwhelm any business. It can affect keeping your books in order. Not only is bookkeeping affected, but inventory management can be put into a twist. This is intensified when you utilize more than one e-commerce platform, and more than one account within the same platform.

Our team will help your business integrate all you’ve established on your platforms and accounts into accounting software infrastructures – like QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online. It will assist in streamlining processes, consolidating data from those sales channels.

Automating e-commerce operations and data


With collective experience and expertise in business software, accounting file and data reporting, and integrity, we’ll equip you to make use of these features – and others:

  • Linking sales information between various e-commerce solutions – like Amazon, Magento, eBay, WordPress, and others, and accounting software like QuickBooks
  • Viewing sales and expense data within the provided dashboard

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