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Inventory Management

Our Team Automates the Going In & Out of Your Business’ Products


Accurately tracking when inventory items are sold, shipped and replenished quickly becomes daunting as your item list grows. The growth not only affects tracking, but also the sustainability of the database your business uses to maintain its record of business events – electronic or paper.

Looking at QuickBooks, especially QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise, improvements are continually being made to its database in terms of Inventory tracking. With this, there are additional details to consider when enacting these new features.

Our team’s collective QuickBooks expertise will carefully carve out a plan on how to best manage inventory workflows in QuickBooks – whether using the existing processes in QuickBooks or automation software available to supplement your existing workflows.



QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise – Platinum Edition provides advanced inventory tracking for your business. Keep track of inventory parts and items by site, bin, shelf, row, serial number, lot, barcode number, etc. Starting in QuickBooks 2018, wireless barcode scanning streamlines order management – through Intuit’s app automatically syncing product pulls with Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Invoices users can see in real-time in the office. To learn more about this, and get it implemented through our team members, give us a call!

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