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QuickBooks Online to Desktop

Simplifying your transition from Online to Desktop.

While shifting from QuickBooks Online to Desktop may seem counterintuitive, sometimes it makes sense to make the transition. If your business is in the process of making the move to Desktop, our team is here to help facilitate a smooth conversion.

Ensuring your data is accurately converted from QuickBooks Online to QuickBooks Desktop has a tendency to be more complex, due to the number of variances inherent to a standard conversion. Our approach to converting your data to Desktop is to inventory every aspect of your current data set, and create a comprehensive strategy for how that data will exist within Desktop.

Before we begin the conversion process, our team of QuickBooks experts audits the strategy for potential errors, holes, or oversights, to ensure – that from start to finish — the conversion is completed as accurately as possible.

How we can help.

  • Implementing our understanding that QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks desktop are foundationally different in how they are written and constructed
  • Identifying points that will not transfer effectively, and mitigating potential errors or problems these could cause

What you should know.

  • QuickBooks Online recurring transaction feature does not convert to QuickBooks Desktop
  • Shared report, automatic emailed reports, location tracking, and specific apps will not convert over, or be saved once the data is converted
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