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QuickBooks File Merge

Turn your QuickBooks files into one, single working file.

Often times accounting can be messy and chaotic, resulting in anxiety and uncertainty. For example: if you have multiple company files you’re working with, it becomes difficult to effectively manage and understand your financial picture. If this is the case for your business, it could mean it’s time to consolidate your company files.

With extensive experience working in QuickBooks, our team is here to help make your life easier. We’ll take your company files from two separate bases of information and effectively merge them together to be one, highly functional, working file. Whether bringing your company files together means converting data prior to the merge, or if all that is needed is simply the merge itself, we’ve got you covered.

How we can help.

  • Consult with you prior to pursuing a file merge, to understand exactly what you need.
  • Provide a detailed plan that outlines how we can meet your file merge needs.
  • Train your team upon file merge completion to understand how the merged file works, so you’re equipped to hit the ground running.

How to know if you need file merge services.

  • You have multiple QuickBooks data files that need to be consolidated into one single file
  • You are switching to QuickBooks Online, and need to merge data files prior to converting
  • Your data was initially entered into more than one data file, and needs to be combined
  • A local data file was used to enter data into, rather than your networked data file

Data that can’t be merged.

  • Payroll checks will transfer over as regular checks and will not appear in your payroll reports
  • Sales tax items and sales tax groups that were modified after they were initially used
  • Any data files with group items that were changed after they were initially used
  • Negative inventory does not merge accurately due to insufficient quantities
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